We Got Catchers Getting Trucked At Home Plate, Reps Flipping The Bird… The Congressional Baseball Game Was WILD

A baseball player about to hit a ball
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I remember flipping through TV channels last year, and came across something I never knew existed…

The annual Congressional Baseball Game, where Democrats and Republicans square off in a baseball game to see who gets athletic bragging rights for the next year.

I’ll admit, I was surprised to see just how many of these guys played baseball in college, and are actually pretty damn good.

Ron Paul famously hit a home run years back, and the just last year, Florida Republican Rep. Greg Steube cranked out of the National Park.

Of course, you have your fair share that look like they haven’t played baseball since T-ball, but overall, it’s actually a pretty competitive game year in and year out.

Last year, the Republicans squeaked out a tight 13-12 victory over the Democrats, but this year, the Republicans demolished the Dems 10-0…

However, the scoreboard wasn’t the highlight of the night.

In the first inning, the Republicans were leading 2-0 when Republican Rep. Kat Cammack was chugging for home on a bang bang play.

Did she go for the slide? No.

Instead, she decided to absolutely TRUCK the catcher for the Democrats, even though she was out by a mile.

Props to the catcher for holding onto the ball after taking a significant hit, but I’m sure he’s feeling that one this morning.

And if you thought that was wild, Democratic Rep. Linda Sanchez tossed up the MIDDLE FINGER to the Republican bench after getting substituted for a pinch runner at first base in the sixth inning, with the Republicans up 5-0.

Not sure if she heard some chirping from the bench or not but on her way back to the dugout, she gave the bench the ol’ one finger salute.

Tough scene, Linda.

Needless to say, you could tell there was some bad blood boiling over between the two parties last night.

And just to bring everybody back down a rung, here’s an episode of Jimmy Kimmel’s Mean Tweets: Politics Edition.

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