Bear Cub Slides All The Way Down Mountainside Follow Its Mother, Makes Impressive Climb Back Up

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Drones are just awesome.

They allow for us to get a unique birds-eye view of things like we never were able to before. The technology is rapidly improving making good quality drones more affordable every day.

There’re some obvious concerns with using them in the outdoors, mainly with hunting. Sure, they can be a great tool for scouting out an area, but some people could use them to create a scenario that would not be considered ‘fair chase’.

They make a buzzing noise as they fly in and can scare wildlife in a certain direction, possibly right towards where a hunter may be waiting for the animal. Yeah, don’t be that guy who ruins it for the rest of us.

But, when flying them in remote areas not for hunting purposes they can get some pretty cool footage.

This drone captured a mother brown bear and her cub scaling a mountainside. The mother bear, which is massive, easily makes her way up to the peak. The cub however, does not do it with as much grace…

The cub starts to slide but catches itself and climbs up more, only to slide again. Time after time it loses its footing and slides. Then finally it gets near the top but the drone fly’s in close and scares the mother which makes the cub fall again… only this time. it goes for the big slide way down the hill.

All the way down…

It doesn’t give up though and runs right back to it. This time it makes the longest climb it has and gets all the way to the top.

This cub might have some growing to do but I would say if it makes it a few more months it will be ready to go.

It’s crazy what some of these animals can survive all while always hunting for their next meal.

Bear Cub Helps Its Little Brother Across The Road

Mother bears are tasked with teaching their cubs how to successfully live out in the wilderness, from leaving their scent, to how to eat, how to scavenge, and more in only two short years until they leave their cubs to fend for themselves out in the wild.

Of course, the mother bears are gonna do everything in their power to prepare their cubs until they’re left alone, and when these moments are captured in footage by onlookers, it’s pretty heartwarming to see.

In this video, we have a mother black bear leading her cubs across a road at Riding National Park in Manitoba, Canada.

As she awaits her cubs to cross from the other side, she notices that only one of the her kids are following behind.

Sure enough, it appears she tells one of her cubs that it needs to go back and pick up their sibling, so she sends it off back across the road.

A few seconds later, the cub trots across back across the road with their smaller sibling following closely behind.

The person videoing the cute moment shared in the caption:

“While driving through Riding Mountain National Park my family and myself witnessed an amazing sight as a mother black bear and her tiny cub decided to cross the highway in front of us.

The young cub reluctantly followed its mother and stopped several times. The mother bear then came back onto the highway to find out what was the hold-up.

The little cub then dashed back to the opposite side of the road and moments later returned accompanying its smaller sibling who was too afraid to cross the highway alone. Reunited, the mama bear and her babies continued on, into the safety of the trees.

I live near this area and often see black bears but this was the first time I had witnessed something as heartwarming and amazing as a little bear cub running back to help its smaller sibling who was afraid to cross the highway alone! It just shows how awesome it is to be cared for and loved by family!”

A couple cute cubs about to grown up and be stone cold killers… gotta love it.

Mother Black Bear Teaches Cub To Leave Its Scent

It’s incredible watching a mother bear teach her cubs everything they need to know in order to successfully survive out in the wilderness.

According to Bear With Us, mother bears are able to successfully teach their cubs everything possible in only two short years, before they’re left to fend for themselves out in the wild.

In that time, cubs taste what their mother eats, but cannot chew the food until they’re teeth fully fill in the spring.

They also teach them how to leave their scent along the way, by rubbing on trees, in their tracks, and through their urine.

With that being said, here is a perfect example of a mother bear teaching her cub how to leave its scent by rubbing on a tree.

The video perfectly displays the demonstration by the mother black bear, with her cub watching and copying her every move in the Big Cypress National Preserve in Florida.

The caption reads:

“A Florida black bear teaches her cub to scratch and leave scent on an old creosote post in the Big Cypress National Preserve. The post has been chewed down but is sturdy and I believe the creosote may hold scent longer which is why bears like to use them.

The cub loves it as they have been here before. Actually, generations of Florida black bears visit this location in a secluded Oak Hammock in the amazing Big Cypress Swamp.”

Pretty incredible, check it out:


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