Whiskey Myers Tease New “John Wayne” Music Video Ahead Of ‘Tornillo’ Album Release This Week

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Happy Whiskey Myers week everyone.

At the end of the week, on Friday July 29, Whiskey Myers’ highly anticipated forthcoming record Tornillo will officially hit streaming platforms.

That’s not all, though. On Friday, the East Texas band will also drop the music video for the album’s lead single “John Wayne.”

In a post to their Instagram earlier this afternoon, Whiskey Myers provided credits to those who helped out with the process, as well as a preview of the video itself. And it looks pretty wild.

I’m getting some Quentin Tarantino vibes…

While you can’t tell too much about the video from the preview, it appears as if the band members act as the video’s main characters.

It may even look like some kind of apocalyptic Western of sorts, which could make sense given the lyrics.

“California’s burning
It’s snowing in the pines
They say the world is ending well maybe it’s about time
Have we forgot about the children?
Forgot about love?
Have we forgot about forgiveness from the good Lord up above?”

“So let the beat roll on
I’m About to get in the zone
I been locked up all by myself but I’m known to grow my own
I Burn it til it’s gone
Like there ain’t nothing wrong
I’m just out in the shade watching the world go up in flames
Watching the world go up in flames
Watching the world go up in flames…”

But I guess we’ll just have to wait to see…

If you aren’t familiar with “John Wayne” yet, you’re gonna want to change that fast.

Since the release of “John Wayne” as the project’s first single back in February, the band has also put out singles “Antioch,” “Whole World Gone Crazy,” and “The Wolf” to build anticipation.

The entire record was recorded at the legendary 1,700 acre Sonic Ranch property in the border town of Tornillo, TX, hence the album title Tornillo.

Here is the full tracklist, with the songwriter(s) in parentheses.

“John Wayne” (Cody Cannon, Jamey Gleaves, Tony Kent)
“Antioch” (Cody Cannon)
“Feet’s” (Cody Cannon)
“Whole World Gone Crazy” (John Jeffers)
“For the Kids” (Cody Cannon)
“The Wolf” (Cody Cannon)
“Mission To Mars” (Cody Cannon, Aaron Raitiere)
“Bad Medicine” (Cody Cannon)
“Heavy on Me” (John Jeffers)
“Other Side” (Cody Cannon)
“Heart of Stone” (Cody Cannon)

On Friday afternoon, after Tornillo is released, you can watch the premier of Whiskey Myers’ “John Wayne” music video here.

In the meantime, check out the other singles we already have access to.


“Whole World Gone Crazy”

“The Wolf”

If you need me, I’ll be listening to Whiskey Myers all week in preparation for Tornillo.

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