73-Year-Old Woman Impaled In The Groin By 100-Pound Sailfish Off Coast Of Florida


Over a week ago, a massive 400-pound eagle ray jumped into a family’s boat while deep sea fishing near Dauphin Island, Alabama, sending a woman to the hospital to be treated for her injuries.

Needless to say, the insanely rare incident is further proof that you just never know what might happen while deep sea fishing.

With that being said, there’s been yet another recent incident where a massive fish jumped from the water, and injuring yet another individual while enjoying a nice day on the water.

According to NBC News, a massive, 100-pound sailfish jumped from the water, and impaled a 73-year-old Maryland woman who was on a fishing boat near Stuart, Florida.

The woman was with two others last Tuesday, when a fisherman on board caught a sailfish on their fishing line, two miles offshore from Stuart.

The Martin County Sheriff’s Office said that the people on board the boat noticed the fish beginning to charge at the boat as they attempted to reel it in.

That’s when the sailfish jumped from the water, and impaled the woman in the groin area while she was standing near the center console.

The two others aboard the boat put pressure to the victim’s wounds, and shortly thereafter met with responding officers at Sandsprit Park.

Katherine Perkins, the victim, told police that it all happened so quick, she had no time to react.

She was then flown to HCA Florida Lawnwood Hospital to treat her wounds, and nobody else was hurt during the wild incident.

According to the Ocean Conservancy, Sailfish have large dorsal fins that look like sails (hence the name “Sailfish”), and can weigh up to 200 pounds while growing between six to 11 feet.

Damn, between the fish that sting, the fish that bite, and the big fish the big ol’ swords on their face, I’m ready to just stay away from the ocean entirely.

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