John Michael Montgomery Is Honestly Pretty Underrated

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Despite having seven #1 singles and some of the most recognizable songs in country music, John Michael Montgomery still feels pretty underrated to me.

Sure, even Post Malone loves some “Sold,” but when you think of the heavy hitters of the ’90s, you think Strait, Alan, Reba, Garth, etc…

I don’t know if it’s because one of his songs was my all-time favorite growing up or because he’s one of those singers that I forget how many of his songs that I know, but I honestly think we should give him some more hype.

From some of the most romantic love songs to funny story songs to heartbreaking songs, Montgomery has sung it all.

I mean, look at these songs, and tell me at least one of his songs isn’t on most of your playlists.

“Life’s A Dance”

As a kid, this song was my absolute favorite. I was a corny kid, and I loved all of those songs that would give you lists of life advice.

This songs still holds up though and, yeah, it’s a little cheesy, but the advice of understanding that life is not something you can always control is great.

Memorable lyrics: “Life’s a dance you learn as you go / Sometimes you lead, sometimes you follow”

“Sold (The Grundy County Auction)”

Another song that was a favorite of mine growing up. I can remember the first time I was able to sing all of the words without messing up. I cheered so loud.

I mean, this is just a fun song about finding love at an auction.

Memorable lyrics: “Hey pretty lady, won’t you give me a sign? / I’d give anything to make you mine o’ mine / I’ll do your biddin’ and be at your beck and call”

“I Swear”

This song is so stinking romantic. There’s a reason All-4-One covered this song, and it became extremely popular.

Is it cheesy? Yes. Is it overplayed at weddings? Yes. Does it still give me butterflies? Absolutely.

Memorable lyrics: “And when there’s silver is your hair / You won’t have to ask if I still care / ‘Cause as time turns the page, my love won’t age at all”

“Be My Baby Tonight”

Here’s another fast, fun song about love at first sight.

This song feels like a cheesy pick-up line, but is honestly just so good (probably because the song doesn’t seem to take itself too seriously).

Also, the phrase “Rhinestone Romeo” should be used way more often.

Memorable lyrics: “Yeah I’d take a chance slow dance make a little romance / Honey, it’ll be alright”

“I Can Love You Like That”

As a hopeless romantic and someone who reads a bunch of romance novels, this song just really does it for me.

It’s so incredibly sweet, and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Who doesn’t want someone to sweep in and promise to love you like the movies?

Memorable lyrics: “I’m no Casanova, but I hope this much is true / I’ll be holding nothing back when it comes to you”

“Letters From Home”

Eventually, I was going to have to talk about a song that will make you cry. And soldier songs are guaranteed to make people cry.

This song is set up in such a unique way though because the verses are letters to the soldier from a loved one while the choruses are the soldier’s reactions to these letters.

It’s not too much of a tear-jerker though until we hear the father’s short letter. Gets me every time.

Memorable lyrics: “I hold it up and show my buddies / Like we ain’t scared and our boots ain’t muddy / But no one laughs / ‘Cause ain’t nothin’ funny when a soldier cries”

“I Love the Way You Love Me

I, of course, had to end on another sappy love song because they are like cat nip to me.

While his other love songs are about the way the singer loves their partner, this song flips the script and allows the singer to talk about how their partner loves them.

Again, it’s cheesy (like most of the ’90s), but it makes me happy.

Memorable lyrics: “Strong and wild, slow and easy / Heart and soul, so completely / I love the way you love me

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