Hospital Bill Goes Viral After Man Is Charged $250,000 For Treating A Rattlesnake Bite

A brown snake on a sandy surface

My phobia for snakes goes back a long way.

I remember fishing by a river near my grandparent’s house when I was only eight-years-old, and my line got caught in a rock.

I walked down to the rock to untangle it, and all of a sudden a snake snatched at my hand like a bat outta hell, and I was inches away from suffering from a snake bite.

Did I know what kind of snake it was?

No shot, but I wasn’t going to stick around to find out.

Needless to say, I’ve been a little sketched out by the old no-shoulders since.

However, the one thing I’ve never thought about is how bad that hospital bill could be to treat a bite from a venomous snake…

And this nightmare hospital bill became a brutal reality for one poor guy, who was just enjoying an evening hike before encountering a rattlesnake.

According to BroBible, a Reddit post has gone viral of a victim of a rattlesnake bite posting his hospital bill, and it’s so expensive, it genuinely feels impossible…

And we’re talking about a whopping $244,995.

And here’s the kicker… his insurance company probably won’t pay for it.

Shit… should’ve just let it kill me…

Nevertheless, it’s mind boggling to think you have to pay nearly $250K just to survive. According to the News Observer, UNC Health and Duke Health states that antivenom can cost you anywhere between $76,000 to $115,000, however additional costs can be added from a couple of overnight stays at the hospital.

A 17-year-old in North Carolina racked up a $200,000 bill a couple years ago, but lucky for him, his father’s insurance covered nearly all of it. Our friend from Reddit here… not so much.

UNC Health add that most insurance plans do cover anti-venom, however patients with no insurance often will receive large discounts.

Antivenom is expensive because you basically have to drain the venom from the mouths of snakes to make it, but that being said, it costs nowhere NEAR $100,000 to make it.

So, just a fair warning for if you ever get bit by a venomous snake sometime down the line…

You might have to donate an arm and a leg just to walk out of that hospital alive.

A friend of mine recently got bit by a rattlesnake while on an evening hike. This was his bill from the hospital. He doesn’t think his crappy insurance will cover much of it (U.S.). from ThatsInsane

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