Oklahoma Man Killed His Fishing Buddy Because He Thought He Was Trying To Feed Him To Bigfoot

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I feel like once a week I hear a feel good story, and my hope for humanity is completely restored for about 24 hrs…

Until I wake up the next day, and see some batsh*t insane headline, reading something on the lines of “5-Foot-Tall Man Nearly Beats Woman To Death With Pair Of Flip Flops While Dressed In A Chucky Costume.”

And next thing you know, the process starts all over again. It’s like a broken record… a broken record for a broken society.

And here I find myself in my similar weekly position, as I have once again discovered my weekly headline for “Psychopath of the Week.”

This story comes out of Oklahoma, where two buddies Larry Doil Sanders and Jimmy Knighten went on a casual noodling trip (or fishing with bare hands) this past Saturday.

According to the New York Post, a heated argument broke out between the two, where Sanders, 53, told law enforcement that he hit and strangled Knighten to death, where his body was found the next day in the South Canadian River.

And why would he do this to one of his buddies, you may ask?

Because Sanders was fully convinced that Knighten was trying to “feed him to sasquatch/bigfoot,” which is allegedly what Sanders told the police.

The report reads:

“LARRY advised he believed JIMMY was trying to get away from him so that the sasquatch could eat LARRY.

LARRY would not let JIMMY get away. LARRY punched JIMMY and struck JIMMY with a stick. LARRY and JIMMY fought for an extended amount of time on the ground.”

Now, that’s methed up…

Sanders is facing a first-degree murder charge, where he remains in the Pontotac County Jail, awaiting trial.

I would say I’m surprised… I’m not.

And to be fair, apparently Bigfoot lives in Oklahoma.

I was always under the impression Bigfoot lived in the Pacific Northwest, deep in the forests of Washington state, but Oklahoma seems to be the place lately.

We have politicians putting $3 million bounties on a live capture of the beast, he’s showing up at children’s birthday parties… what’s the deal, Oklahoma?

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