Massive Yukon Moose Comes Within A Few Yards For Bowhunter

What a thrill.

I mean, my heart went into my throat and I’m sitting here just watching a video.

A monster bull coming so close to you that the guide tries to scare it a bit for a better shot… it’s just unheard of.

Going after a moose with a bow is quite the task. It requires lots of patience, knowledge and the ability to stay calm when standing face-to-face with an absolute beast of an animal.

Bull moose can weigh up to 1,500-pounds. The farther north you go, the larger the average moose. So, in Yukon and judging by the video, it’s safe to say this thing is am absolute monster. It’s most hunters dream to have an experience like this.

The two hunters are seen calling in a big ol’bull.

The thing just keeps on walking to them. Straight on and straight ahead towards the hunters. The hunter draws back when it gets really close. The guy with him tells him to hold off for a broadside shot.

The guy giving the advice tries to scare the moose to have a broadside look.

“Hey, get away, hey!”

It doesn’t work.

So he gives the go ahead and the hunter sinks an arrow directly into the center of his chest. As the moose runs the guide lets him know he got it into the engine room but gets the hunter to put another in for good measure.

What a hunt and what an animal.

That’s some good stuff right there… it’s not to often that a video gives another hunter butterflies.

Snowmobiler Shoots Charging Moose From His Sled

You just can’t make this stuff up.

Thank goodness for the new helmet cams because it makes it so even more crazy stuff is caught on camera when people are just out and about enjoying life.

Moose, or any animal who doesn’t hibernate for that matter, have it rough throughout the winter months.

They don’t have jackets, houses to stay in, or fire to keep them warm… they’re really just out here roughing it the whole time.

For a moose, food becomes scarcer, meaning they have to expend extra energy constantly just to survive all while wading chest deep in snow.

Then they come across a free and clear area like a road or trail and everything that comes across it is trying to move it out of the way. They’re hungry, they’re cold, they’re pissed… and now they gotta move?

Needless to say, moose can be some of the most aggressive mammals in North America when the situation is right… or, wrong.

That being said, you can’t help but feel slightly bad for the moose in this video.

Often times moose only charge because they are angry. They wear their emotions, much like humans. They don’t want to, but if they feel threatened and mad, they’re coming for ya.

As the snowmobiler slows up and starts to yell at the moose who is staring at him, you know this is the case. The moose just wants a few minutes of rest time of this nice trail through the woods.

At no fault of his own, the snowmobiler wants the moose out his way. He even has good practice, stays far back and uses noise to his advantage.

The moose comes in charging as the sledder yells for his life. He catches amazing footage and gets very lucky as the moose charges and lets out a fury of kicks at him. The moose backs off as the man stumbles to grab something.

He pulls out a Glock, which isn’t the most common tool to have in the woods on a snowmobile but it’s a good thing he did. He pleads for the moose to stop but it won’t listen.

As it runs at him again he shoots a warning at its feet as it keeps charging. The man chooses his life over the moose, and rightfully so. He outs four quick shots into the moose, dropping it down as he speeds past it to get out of the dangerous situation.

This video caused a bit of outrage and I understand why, but this man protected himself and the person he was with. They can cause serious harm a person, and for some reason this moose wasn’t backing down.

And as far as not taking some of the meat, trust me… that moose fed a number of animals that night, and I’d venture to guess that not much of it was left by the next day.

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