J.R. Carroll Is Back With Another New Single, “Other Than That”

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J.R. Carroll is back with his latest single “Other Than That.”

This single comes just three weeks after his previous release, the full band version of “Red Fern,” hit streaming platforms on June 22.

While these two singles have similar cover art and seem to be part of a larger project, they aren’t the only new singles from the last few weeks. “Free and Clean” and “I Hate Lonely” were released in tandem on July 1st from his “Death Before Pop Country” sessions.

Out of all of the recent new music, though, today’s “Other Than That” may be the most impressive. An introspective song that deals with Carroll’s personal experience with heartbreak, it is another great showcase of his lyrical ability and powerful vocals.

“Me, I’m doing fine, I swear
I don’t think of you at all
It’s coming to an end, I fear
Cause’ pride it goes before a fall
I’m wasting every breath I get on
Songs that just won’t change your mind
Other than that, I’m doing fine
Other than that, I’m doing fine”

J.R. took to Instagram yesterday to announce the song and provide some insight into his inspiration.

I wrote this song after coming back home from my first run on the road with Zach [Bryan] and the boys. Seemed like everyone I know was asking me what it was like and how I was, meanwhile I was heartbroken over a girl not wanting to be with me.

I found myself saying “other than that, I’m doing fine” to a bunch of folks, and eventually it just kinda poured out and became this song.

There’s something special about having a place to call home, and being able to come back to it is a blessing that I’ll always be grateful for. I hope y’all like it, there’s more coming soon.


J.R. Carroll is one of the most promising up and coming talents in country music, and his recent singles have been more than enough to prove that. With more new music on the way, fans have plenty to be excited about.

Make sure you check out “Other Than That,” which is streaming now, and just in case you missed it, here is his previous single, too.

“Red Fern”

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