Mountain Lion Caught Trying To Take Down A Big Ol’ Idaho Buck On The Road

Holy moly, these things are some wild predators.

Being a hunter there’s something that makes it easy to love and hate predators all at the same time.

The fact that thing kill whatever, whenever, and that they are so good at it is a reason to hate them. Well, it’s also a reason to love them… their skill is to be admired.

Mountain lions are straight assassins though. They go for the kill every time and it’s pretty rare they come out unsuccessful. You know when someone mentions going for the jugular? That’s what mountain lions do… and they don’t miss.

They are a large fan of deer, and it is often said that if there’s deer, there’s lions there too. They just go hand in hand in most places around most of North America.

This video is just another showcase of how wild they really are. Michele Hayden came across a nice buck that was flailing all over the road near her home in Arbon, Idaho, when she figured something strange was going on:

“All of a sudden we saw this big buck and we couldn’t figure out what on earth it was doing. Finally, we just stopped to see because it kept darting out into the road and then going off on to the bank.

So we just kind of slowed down and it didn’t take us long after we had stopped to realize what it had dangling from its neck”

They shine their headlights on the fight as the mountain lion has the better end of the deal. It seems to notice the lights and starts looking at them only to let the deer go.

The buck high tails it out of there and one can only hope a deer like that was alright after having that thing latched tight to its neck.

This is as wild as it gets, what an encounter!


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