Zach Bryan Debuts New Song “Small Town Smokeshow” At Bonnaroo, And I’m Already Obsessed

Zach Bryan country music
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I NEED a studio version of this song…

Zach Bryan debuted a new tune at Bonnaroo a couple weeks ago called “Small Town Smokeshow” that I’m already obsessed with.

And yes, he did just drop an entire 34-song album, American Heartbreak, in May, and he’s already playing more brand new material… it’s beyond insane. I’m convinced he doesn’t sleep.

But I digress, back to the song…

“Small Town Smokeshow” is a classic Romeo and Juliet-style tale about how Zach is a bad boy who will never settle down, or end up with a seemingly beautiful and perfect girl like he describes in the song, who’s “known God since she was a child.”

I love the opening verses:

“Go on and put on that dress
That all the bad boys like
I know your Daddy ain’t home
So ride with me tonight
You always wind up here in a puddle of tears

The boys are out, and they’re angry, and they’re looking for blood
In the back of a blue old pickup truck
You’ve got nowhere to go 
Although you’re all gussied up”

He wants to be with her, but knows it can never be because neither he, nor anyone else in town, is good enough for the “small town smokeshow” that they’re all pining after.

The melody is infectious, too, and I already have the chorus stuck in my head. And though the larger concept of forbidden love is nothing new, Zach has such a fresh and unique take on it that I can’t get enough of.

Of course, I’d love another (maybe normal-length) record with all the great unreleased songs he has in his back pocket that didn’t make American Heartbreak, but this one is easily at the top of that list now:

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