PBR Officially Unveils Their 1844-Pack, & You’re Gonna Need A Forklift To Get It Home

PBR pack

Nothing screams blue-collar America more than an ice cold Pabst Blue Ribbon beer.

C’mon, all of us broke college students used to live off this stuff back when we only had $20 to our name, and we were trying to get as drunk as possible for the least amount of money. And all you hipsters are still drinking it.

With that being said, PBR has unveiled the perfect pack to kickoff the week of July 4th in the best way possible…

We’re talking about their brand new 1844 pack, which was the year the brand was founded.

Yes, there are 1,844 beers on one pack. No, this is not a joke.

Upping their game on last year’s 1776 pack, it’s not only a nod to the history of the company, but they’re also tackling a challenge that every American is facing right now…


PBR announced a sweepstakes, where they’ll be giving away $1,844 dollars every day for the month of July, to help households that are feeling the weight of rising prices as inflation continues to reach historic levels.

The brand will also be giving away 1,844 gallons of gas twice, once in July and once in August, to make sure some lucky fans will be able to get to any destination possible this summer without having to donate an arm and a leg to fill up their tank.

Nick Reely, Vice President of Marketing for PBR, weighed in on the new sweepstakes:

“Based on all the conversation and interest around the 1776 pack we launched last year, we thought, how can we one up ourselves this summer and go even bigger?

That was really the genesis of the 1844 pack; 68 more beers than our original big box, while also paying homage to our heritage and founding year and trying to lend a hand to our consumers across the country.”

The PBR 1,844 pack can be found at a store near you this summer, but only 250 have been made. No details on price have been revealed.

Pabst Blue Ribbon, they’re the real MVPs.

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A beer bottle on a dock