Extremely Brave Man Stands His Ground Against Charging Moose… And Films It

A yak standing in a parking lot

Watch out…

Imagine chilling with your buddies at your work, when all of a sudden, a massive 1,000 pound bull moose turns the corner, and makes a beeline straight for you?

This sounds like a nightmare, as moose are not to be messed with, and when they have a vendetta against you for any reason at all (like messing with their kids), they’re gonna stand their ground in a heartbeat.

And here’s another example…

The location is undisclosed, but it appears to be Sweden. There isn’t an explanation as to why this moose was charging at this man, but sure enough, the moose turns around the corner and darts right after the man that’s filming the video.

Apparently he whipped his phone out to document his final moments on Earth…

You can hear him try to shoo the moose away, but the moose isn’t afraid, as it stands on its hind legs and takes a shot at the man filming. With the blood-stained antlers, it tells me that this is probably the fall and moose is looking to mate… AKA, stay the hell away from them.

Their velvet typically falls off around September, right before mating season, and that seems to be the case here.

Finally, it appears that the moose’s job is done, and he takes off in the other direction.

Another close call, that could’ve ended much, much worse than it did.

And maybe in Sweden they’re pretty used to dealing with angry moose, but damn why are you filming this instead of getting the hell outta there?

Blows my mind…

Skier Avoids Collision With Moose, Eats Some Snow Instead

Close one…

If you’ve ever seen what happens to a car when it hits a moose on the highway, it’s brutal. I mean, consider the car totaled and hopefully, the driver made it out ok.

All that to say… there’s no need to experience it when you’re howling down a hill with a ski attached to each foot.

We’ve seen what the things can do to a vehicle, I don’t even want to imagine what could have happened.

Moose are a massive animal, they can weigh as much as 1,500-pounds. I don’t think anyone wants to run into even one half that size wearing only a light helmet for protection. Like hitting a brick wall… you would be broke all to pieces.

However, a skier from Sweden almost experienced this as he was flying down the hill, taking some footage of his day on the slopes.

Out of nowhere you can see a Moose run out of the shade of the trees, and in a split second the skier makes a quick cut and crashes into the snow for a tumble.

Skis fall off, he’s laying on his face… but he avoids the wreck.

You want a little extra adrenaline on your morning ski? Dodge some moose on the mountain.

Somebody get this man a lift soda…

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A beer bottle on a dock