Ten Life Lessons I Learned From Listening To Jo Dee Messina

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With nine #1 hits and over five million albums sold worldwide, Jo Dee Messina is one those artists that has just been a part of my entire life.

And with Cole Swindell’s new song “She Had Me at Heads Carolina” currently being one of the hottest songs out there, of course I wanted to listen to “Heads Carolina, Tails California” again.

When I went on Spotify to find it, I was surprised by how many other songs I knew by Jo Dee Messina, and I realized how many of her songs have stuck with me throughout my life.

Many of her songs are about being an independent woman, being happy and not being afraid to say how you feel.

So, here are some bits of advice I have learned from listening to Jo Dee Messina.

1. Being spontaneous is okay.

Learned from: “Heads Carolina, Tails California”

Memorable lyrics: “Baby what do you say we just get lost / Leave this one horse town like two rebels without a cause”

2. You can survive (and possibly thrive) during any hard times that are thrown at you.

Learned from: “Bring on the Rain”

Memorable lyrics: “Yeah, I might feel defeated and I might hang my head / I might be barely breathing but I’m not dead”

3. You are not obligated to forgive someone even if you know the reason they hurt you.

Learned from: “My Give a Damn’s Busted”

Memorable lyrics: “It’s all your parents fault / I mean after all, you didn’t pick ‘em / Maybe somebody else / Has got time to listen”

4. Never settle for anyone less than your equal, and never shrink yourself for someone else.

Learned from: “Stand Beside Me”

Memorable lyrics: “I want a man who stands beside me / Not in front of or behind me / Give me two arms that want to hold me, not own me”

5. Tatted-up biker men are very attractive.

Learned from: “Biker Chick”

Memorable lyrics: “I never said he was the marryin’ kind / All I said was that I bet he’d be a wild ride”

6. Just because you’re not traditionally successful or are a step behind people your age doesn’t mean you can be happy with your life.

Learned from: “I’m Alright”

Memorable lyrics: “Beating time is a losing fight / And I guess I’m doin’ alright”

7. You can’t change people, but you can learn and grow from others.

Learned from: “Lesson in Leavin’”

Memorable lyrics: “You’re the kind of man / A woman thinks she can change / But the only thing changin’ / Is my way of thinkin’”

8. Don’t wait around for someone to love you. You are not selfish if you decide to leave for yourself.

Learned from: “Bye Bye”

Memorable lyrics: “Baby, what did you expect me to do / Just sit around and wait on you”

9. Yes, opposites can attract.

Learned from: “You’re Not in Kansas Anymore”

Memorable lyrics: “Under the Hollywood sign, I tried to hide my smile as I whispered low / I want to be the first to tell you / Here we say Rodeo, not rodeo”

10. Don’t pay attention to anyone’s judgements of you, your life choices, or your relationships.

Learned from: “It’s Too Late to Worry”

Memorable lyrics: “Rumors bouncin’ off that truck / Just let ‘em stare at him and me / ‘Cause I don’t care about anything but us”

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