49 Winchester’s Paste Studio Set From Austin, Texas, Is A Must-Watch

49 Winchester is having themselves a year.

If you aren’t familiar with the Castlewood, Virginia band, then I don’t know where you have been all year.

In the anticipation leading up to the release of their 4th album, Fortune Favors the Bold, in May, and one of the best albums of 2022 thus far, Winchester finally began to receive some of the accolades and attention they have deserved for so long.

With each single they released, their already dedicated fanbase seemed to grow significantly and their music started showing up on curated playlists on just about every streaming platform.

They have toured like nobody’s business, playing several high profile festivals and headlining shows. And now they are on tour supporting Whiskey Myers, playing massive sold out venues across the country. It’s only a matter of time before they are selling out these venues themselves.

Prior to the album’s release, though, one of the coolest things they have been able to do this year is play as part of the SXSW festival in Austin, TX, back in March, which included a show at Luck Reunion on Willie Nelson’s ranch.

While that was a bucket list event they were able to check off their list, they played several other shows around Austin that weekend. One of these shows took place at The Pershing for Paste Studio on the Road, and the set was streamed on YouTube.

And it is a must-watch.

Their six song set featured three songs off of their new album that, at the time, were unreleased – “Second Chance,” “Fortune Favors the Bold,” and “Neon.”

The other three songs they played, “Chemistry,” “Raleigh,” and “Hays, Kansas,” are all fan favorites off of their third album III.

One of the best live shows you’ll see, 49 Winchester has made a name for themselves and won over many fans through their captivating live performances.

I highly recommend everyone go catch a 49 show at some point, you will not be disappointed.

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