Wisconsin Doe With Crossbow Bolt Stuck Through Its Head Spotted Walking Around Completely Unfazed

A deer with its mouth open

We’ve seen a deer walk around with its face completely tangled in hammock netting, one fall down a 50-foot waterfall and swim away like nothing happened, another deer walking around with pretty much all of its intestines exposed, and now…

A deer with a crossbow bolt through its head, walking around like everything is fine?

The insane clip was caught on camera at Whitnall Park in Franklin, Wisconsin, a suburb of Milwaukee, last Thursday.

You can see the deer casually eating food unbothered, except a bolt can be seen pointing out from right below its right ear, and also right above its nose.

It appears to be a crossbow bolt, as opposed to a bow arrow, but an extremely errant shot nonetheless.

Of course, this is a pretty sad scene, and this is also why hunters NEED to put in a lot of time practicing to make sure their shots are quick and efficient kills. Bad shots make for bad, painful and inhumane experiences for the target.

Thankfully this doe seems to be doing alright, but its mind boggling how a deer is able to function perfectly after literally getting impaled through the head. But I guess life and death is a game of inches… or less.

And here’s the kicker… the doe was spotted back in April as well.

A cyclist told CBS 58 he was trail riding with his daughter when he saw the awful scene:

“My daughter and I ride mountain bikes a lot at the Alpha Trail and I stopped to take a video to send to her.

That’s when I noticed the deer actually had an arrow in its head. I just now recently looked at photos and saw it was coming out the front also.”

Department of Natural Resources confirmed it was a crossbow bolt, and suspect it was the work of an illegal poacher.

“I’ve never seen anything like that in Whitnall Park. It’s unfortunate because it’s such a nice area for nature watching. It seems like there is an illegal poaching problem in Milwaukee County parks.

It’s very disturbing to see that. I’m glad at least there is not a great degree of distress.”

It’s possible someone from the DNR will be able to locate the deer and remove the bolt, but it remains to be seen if that will happen to this doe.

Needless to say, from all of the wild videos I’ve seen of deer surviving crazy events, I’m convinced they’re the ones with nine lives instead of cats.

Of course, unless the deer meets its fate at the hands of a massive bear, just like this one who didn’t have much luck in a family’s backyard in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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