Mule Deer Buck In Utah Gets Antlers Tangled In Hammock

A moose with a horn
Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

A mule deer buck in Utah found itself in quite the predicament after getting tangled in a giant mess of string from an old hammock. 

Earlier this month, conservation officers in Colorado helped an elk that had a tire stuck around its neck for more than two years. The story generated quite a buzz, and wildlife officials used the buzz to share a public service announcement to remind folks to keep their yards free from items that could be potentially hazardous to wildlife when not in use.

One of the first items on the list was hammocks. Well, this incident perfectly exemplifies why hammocks can be hazardous to wildlife when not in use.

Fortunately, this story has a happy ending, though, just like the elk getting the help it needed in Colorado. 

Last week biologists with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources were reportedly able to tranquilize the buck and remove the netting before it caused irreparable damage. The situation could have potentially been life-threatening had the hammock not been removed from the deer’s antlers. 

“The buck was not able to see through what we suspect was a tangled hammock. 

Our biologists tranquilized the buck, removed the string, and placed a GPS collar on the buck.”

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