Man On His Way To The Shooting Range Stops To Rescue A Kitten On The Side Of The Road, Ends Up With Thirteen

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If you’re an animal lover yourself, or you live with somebody who is, you probably know what’s going to happen when you see a stray cat or dog on the side of the road.

Any time my fianceé comes across a stray cat or dog, I can pretty much guarantee that we’re getting a new pet. I would say it’s a problem, but it usually doesn’t take me long to fall in love with them myself.

So when I saw this video, all I could think was “Thank God this wasn’t me.”

A video posted to Facebook by Robert Brantley shows him making a quick stop to rescue a kitten that was in the middle of the road.

According to Brantley, he was on his way to the shooting range when he passed a baby kitten on the side of the road. Knowing that it wouldn’t make it through the night if he left it, and because his wife had been wanting a new kitten anyway, he stopped to rescue the little fella.

But he may have gotten a little more than he bargained for…

As Brantley picked up the kitten, he quickly realized that this one wasn’t alone: A whole mess of kittens start pouring out of the woods on the side of the road like the cutest stampede you’ve ever seen.

Seriously, they just keep coming…

Well remember what I said about what happens when an animal lover sees a stray animal? Or in this case, 13 stray animals?

Brantley managed to wrangle them all into his vehicle, which at this point was loaded down with rifles, ammo, and 13 baby kittens. But according to his post, it wasn’t an easy task:

“I couldn’t keep up with them as I would throw one in and 2 would jump out. So I had to close the door with the window down and funnel em in. That would have been good footage actually.”

I can only imagine what a sight that was.

Well Brantley took all 13 of the babies home, where he’s working to get them all to good forever homes. But in the meantime, he’s set them up with food, water, and a comfy place to sleep.

And in the meantime, it sure looks like they’re enjoying their new life, exploring their new digs and getting some much-needed nutrition, while also riding around in a wagon with Brantley’s kids.

Looks like these kittens knew what they were doing when they adopted Brantley and his family.

Louisiana Bobcat Makes Massive Leap

I’m sure all the other animal lovers out there can relate…

Oh and one more thing: To the scumbag who abandoned those poor babies on the side of the road, I hope…well I won’t say what I hope. But fuck you.

Holy moly…

Now granted I’m not familiar with the World Record long jump for a bobcat, but this has to be pretty close.

Filmed in Pecan Island, Louisiana, even these crab fishermen were blown about by this display of athleticism:

“We were just out fishing for blue crab in Pecan Island, LA and this huge bobcat came out across the weir.

I grabbed my phone thinking he was about to get wet, but he surprised us all.”

According to National Geographic, a bobcat can jump about 10 feet and just from the eye test, that gap looks bigger than 10 feet.

This fella cleared it with ease…

Two Bobcats Square Off In Texas Family’s Yard

Texas is a special place.

Aside from the incredible country music, you never know what you might see… maybe it’s a jacked kangaroo, or truckers fighting, or an evicted dude obsessed with Bud Light, OR in this case, a pair of bobcats going at it hard in a family’s front yard.

The person filming said that the bobcats squaring off in the neighborhood “were walking down the street from house to house to marking their territory,” beating the piss out of each other along the way.

Blink, and you might miss it.

These Texas cats are not messing around.

Bobcat Makes Sneak Attack On Golf Course Ducks

Bobcats are pretty incredible animals.

It is amazing to watch them hunt, and see firsthand, how quickly they can adapt to the environment when they find prey to go after. Using the land to their advantage, they sneak up and attack in a flash.

It’s pretty cool to witness, and definitely not something that everyone gets to see.

Especially, on the gold course…

TMZ says the video took place in Arizona and golfers playing a round noticed the bobcat in the sand trap. They quickly realized what the cat was up to, using the sharp hills as a vantage point. A flock of ducks were eating away, clearly unaware of what was coming.

A golfer in the video commented.

“Look at this… they don’t even know he’s there.”

The bobcat creeps around the sand looking for the perfect place to attack from.

In a split second, the cat tops the hill and somehow finds a new gear as it leaps and gets its claws into one of the ducks.

The golfers then make their way towards the Bobcat as it comes clearer into view, finishing off its kill and then takes off with its dinner to go.

One of the golfers has an all-time quote when talking to an animal. In the words of Stephen A. Smith…

“You a baaad man, that’s a bad man”

He is right though, you can’t help but agree as the bobcat runs out of view. That is indeed a bad, bad man.

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Part 2:

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