Tyler Hubbard Says Summer Tour Will “Close The Chapter” On Florida Georgia Line

Tyler Hubbard country music

The end of an era.

For all intents and purposes, Florida Georgia Line is over.

Granted, they’ll probably do some corny comeback tour in a few years, but it’s pretty obvious they can’t wait to go their separate ways. And while they keep saying they’re just “taking a break,” some of the other things they’ve been saying paint a different picture.

Brian Kelley from Florida Georgia Line made a few telling comments recently, saying he didn’t “know after that (their summer tour) what the plan is,” potentially hinting at the end of the duo.

With that being said, Tyler Hubbard from the group recently made some revealing comments about the future of the band.

Hubbard, who’s been working on a new solo album and released his lead single “5 Foot 9” last Friday (shocker, it sucks), went on 92.5 XTU  to discuss the new solo project, while also weighing in on the future of Florida Georgia Line.

He said that Florida Georgia Line, and their solo careers, can’t co-exist:

Right now, it’s hard to say if there is a world where they can co-exist. I naturally want to go all-in on what I am doing, so I don’t know.

We all know how much goes into making a career work, and for me to try to manage and successfully try to execute two careers simultaneously just seems… I’m not gonna say impossible but not very realistic.

I was kind of the one who said, ‘It’s either this or that, it’s your choice,’ and he chose to do the solo thing, and it pushed us in that direction.”

Although this upcoming summer tour could mark the end of the group, as both Hubbard and Kelley have taken solo routes, Hubbard said there’s still a possibility the group gets back together:

“We’re never gonna shut the FGL door, let’s leave it open, we might circle back around and wanna do something someday.

For now, let’s fully focus on the task at hand, which is pursuing the solo thing, and we will circle back. A lot of that was in an effort to preserve the friendship and the brand we had built together.”

Preserve the friendship?


He rounded out the interview, saying that the two will go their separate ways for a while after the summer tour ends:

“We have about ten more FGL dates that were gonna do this summer, and we’re gonna use that as an opportunity to celebrate and to close the chapter for ourselves and for the fans and tee us up for what’s next.”

Welp, I don’t know of two of them infecting the radio is better than one, but for the time being, that’s exactly what we’re gonna get…

Is it weird that the end of Florida Georgia Line reminds me of that scene in The Wizard Of Oz?

Wheeler Walker Jr. Kicked Out Of Country Music Hall Of Fame For Protesting Florida Georgia Line Exhibit

Justice for Wheeler!

Wheeler posted a video to his social media showing himself staging a little one-man protest at the Hall of Fame against their current Florida Georgia Line exhibit.

Finally, a cause I can get behind.

I mean seriously, of all the deserving artists, why the hell would the Country Music Hall of Fame choose to honor Florida Georgia Line?

I obviously haven’t been to the exhibit because literally anything else is a better use of my time, but what does the display even consist of? Tyler Hubbard’s can of Axe body spray? Brian Kelley’s gold chain? The computer used to autotune the classic hit “Swerve?”

Whatever it is, Wheeler is doing the Lord’s work, heading down to the Hall of Fame armed with a sign that says “FGL Does Not Belong Here” to let them know how country fans feel.

Proudly chanting that “Florida Georgia Line does not belong in the Hall of Fame” and asking visitors exiting the museum if they saw the FGL exhibit and “saw their panties,” it didn’t take long once he got inside the building for Ol’ Wheeler to draw the attention of security.

And even after asking them if they could play him a country FGL song, security still bounced Wheeler from the Hall of Fame.

How are you gonna do Wheeler like that? The pussy king, the pop country killin’ machine himself – kicked out of the Country Music Hall of Fame.

If anybody deserves an exhibit in the Hall of Fame it’s Wheeler – although then it probably wouldn’t be the family friendly attraction it is now.

Don’t worry Wheeler, we’re still behind you.

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