Rob Baird’s New Album ‘Anthems’ Is An Absolute Must-Listen

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If you’re not yet familiar with Rob Baird, it’s time to change that.

A Memphis, Tennessee native, Baird attended college at Texas Christian University and ever since has been entrenched in the Texas music scene.

One of the most underrated acts out of Texas right now, Baird just keeps cranking out the music, releasing five studio albums, a live album, an EP, and a few singles since 2010.

But his newest album, Anthems, is the first new project in almost three years.

An Austin, TX resident now, Baird wrote and recorded Anthems during the COVID-19 pandemic, at a time when he was able to take the reins and control the whole creative process on his own. As a result, the record is a perfect culmination of Baird’s artistic ability and creative style.

The Anthems tracklist features a wide array of songs that go from an old school country feel to full blown rock and roll. And of course since he’s a Memphis native, those ever-present southern, Memphis blues influences are noticeable in many of the guitar riffs as well.

A truly eclectic album, Anthems has a little bit of something for everyone – including a cover of the ’90s Pam Tillis hit “Maybe It Was Memphis.”

But it’s Baird’s intricate songwriting and captivatingly unique vocals that are a dynamic duo, making his music all that much more special.

Baird is best known for songs like “Dreams and Gasoline,” “Run of Good Luck,” and “Mercy Me,” among many others, but Anthems is full of more songs that people will be singing along to for quite some time.

Baird also worked on another project over the pandemic entitled They Call It Memphis, which according to his website, “is another animal altogether,” and is set. to be released at some point in the near future.

In the meantime, though, Anthems has given us plenty of great songs to keep us occupied.

Hey Rob, how about an east coast tour at some point so I can hear all of these bangers live?

“Kerosene Heart”

“Riding High”

“Graceland Mood”

Anthems Tracklist:

1. Want You
2. Loose Cannon
3. Kerosene Heart
4. Sideways
5. Freedom Lover
6. Ridin’ High
7. Gone Forever
8. Graceland Mood
9. Maybe It Was Memphis

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