Former Florida Coach Dan Mullen Is Now A “Contributing Resource” To A High School Team In Georgia

Dan Mullen wearing a hat

This may be the biggest hero to zero story in college football, that I’ve seen in awhile.

Lets spin it back to 2017, when Mississippi State head football coach Dan Mullen was hired as the head coach of the Florida Gators, who were struggling to get back to the mountaintop of the SEC and college football, after a few disappointing years with Jim McElwain.

Mullen saw a good bit of success at Mississippi State, considering their incredible recruiting disadvantages in comparison to the blue bloods of the SEC, like Alabama and Georgia, and Florida fans genuinely believed that Mullen was the guy that could bring Florida back to prominence in college football.

Sure enough, Mullen saw near immediate success his first two seasons at Florida, finishing second in the SEC East twice, and winning the Peach Bowl and Orange Bowl in that span, and fans knew it was only a matter of time before the Gators get over the hump and win the SEC…

Until everything went straight downhill.

Mullen’s Gators saw a massive drop off the following year, going only 8-4, followed by a horrendous 2021 season going 5-6, and the coach who was once Florida’s golden child was jobless.

It didn’t pan out the way everybody expected, and Mullen had to find a new home.

And the new home?

He’s a “contributing resource” to the football team and athletic department at Lake Oconee Academy in Greensboro, Georgia, according to Lake Oconee News

That’s right, he’s not even a high school head coach. He’s a “contributing resource” to the high school head coach. What the hell does that even mean?

Lake Oconee athletic director Chris Ingle said:

“Coach Mullen will serve as a contributing resource to the football program and athletic department at Lake Oconee Academy. Coach Mullen’s knowledge and experience in the game of football are world-class.

We look forward to him sharing this with our coaches and student-athletes. He will offer tremendous insight and guiding direction into the building of our young program, especially in the areas of offense and quarterback development.”

Talk about a fall from grace.

Literally only three years ago Dan Mullen was one of the hottest coaching names in college football.

However, the man is living off a whopping $12 million buyout after getting fired at Florida, so he probably could give two fiddler’s fucks about what any of us think.

Nevertheless, it’s still hard to believe…

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