Beer Will Cost You A Whopping $18 A Pop At This Year’s PGA Championship

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As PGA Tour players gear up to compete in the 2022 PGA Championship in two days, there’s already been a number of wild stories come out of Southern Hills Country Club in Tulsa Oklahoma, the host course to this year’s tournament.

We know Tiger Woods is playing again, which is still a miracle considering people were wondering if he was ever gonna walk again after his horrific car wreck last year.

On top of that, Phil Mickelson, the defending PGA Championship champ, withdrew from the tournament after his fall from grace with the PGA Tour after his negative comments on the Saudi League, the new pro golf league that’s been created to compete with the PGA.

However, as crazy as those two stories are, this may be the worst yet…

If you’re planning on attending the tournament at Southern Hills, you’re gonna have to take out a loan, donate your kidney, and then some more to catch a buzz while watching, because beer is gonna cost you at least $18 a pop.

That’s right, according to Golfweek, a Michelob Ultra is gonna cost you $18, and a Stella Artois is gonna cost you $19.

A glass of wine will cost $13, and souvenir and signature cocktails will be $19.

Spectator Keith Coleman expressed his frustration while trying to figure out what to buy Monday:

“Good thing I don’t drink a lot.”

Not to mention, bottled waters are $6 a piece, and a Gatorade is $7.

A chicken Caesar Salad (which is probably incredibly below average, knowing golf tournament food) is a whopping $16, a hot dog $8, The Butcher’s Grind Cheeseburger is $14, and the Beyond Burger is $15.

Oh yeah, and a small bag of chips… $3.

Needless to say, you’re gonna need a massive wad of cash of you’re planning on walking inside the gates of Southern Hills this week.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock