Bull Elk And Horse Get Into Heated Staredown Through The Fence At Pennsylvania Campground

I feel like that is an unfair match up.

Not because of any crazy size different, that way they actually match up fairly even. However, Elk carry those certified weapons on their heads that they are more than willing to use.

A horse wouldn’t stand a chance.

This video shows a good reason why a person keeps their horses behind a good fence at all times. It wouldn’t be very nice coming home to find your horse tried to play elk and wound up gored.

A woman with her cellphone recording walks around a trailer and her two horse come into view. As she takes another step there is a nice bull elk standing there in a full stare off with one of the horses.

Let’s see how this one plays out. I know this person must love these horses but you’re a little close to an elk who doesn’t seem worried about much…

The elk goes full attack mode and put his head down and starts to take a run. The horse is not shying away and does the same.

The elk is clearly more equipped in this situation, but hey, good for the horse.

The elk puts his antlers down again, good thing the fence is there and is large (although an antler could definitely find its way through there).

The woman filming is clearly worked up, thinking something bad will happen, but please just stay away.

They keep filming and another man comes out who wants to get rid of the elk.

“I wish I had a rock”

The elk keeps eyeing up the horse and the woman expresses her frustration.

“You’re gorgeous but you’re a pain in the ass right now”

That just perfectly sums up every situation where wildlife is doing something you don’t want them to.

The man can’t find a rock so he throws a sandal at the elk (who throws a shoe? honestly).

The elk has one more try for the horse and the man yells at it loudly. The elk has had enough and looks them up and down then peels off for better ground. He’s out.

A cool interaction nevertheless:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock