Dillon Carmichael Teams Up With Drew Parker And Tyler Booth For Rockin’ New “Rollin’ Stone”

Got a feeling I’m going to be rolling the windows down and turning this one up a lot this summer.

Dillon Carmichael is still riding high from the release of his latest album, Son of A, which dropped towards the end of last year and showcases his sound that’s straight out of ’90s country.

But luckily we’re still getting some new music from Dillon too. Just a couple of weeks ago he dropped the steamy “If I Wasn’t Your Man,” a tenderhearted love song that Dillon called his “pride and joy.”

Well he dropped another new one on us today. And this one’s a straight heater.

If you’re lucky enough to have seen Dillon perform live you may have already heard the hard-charging “Rollin’ Stone.” And for the studio version, Dillon teamed up with Drew Parker and Tyler Booth just to crank it up to 11.

Like most of his music, the songwriting features some really clever lyrics right from the opening line:

“Momma drove a Pontiac, daddy drove a truck
Momma drove daddy to drinking
Daddy found a girlfriend a county away
As for momma, she found Jesus
Momma turned gray, daddy turned her that way
For me I turned straight to Waylon
Now it’s a five piece band in an old white van
Out here pickin’ and singin'”

“Rollin’ Stone” was written by Dillon himself, alongside Tyler Booth, Phil O’Donnell and Houston Phillips.

You’re gonna wanna turn this one up when you give it a listen.

“Rolling Stone”

Dillon Carmichael Shares Video Of Emotional “Son Of A” Performance With His Mom At The Grand Ole Opry

And Dillon also recently took to the Grand Ole Opry stage to perform his latest single with another very special guest: His mama.

Dillon’s latest single, “Son of A,” is a tribute to all of those parents out there who give a damn – the ones who show tough love, and have probably pulled the “As long as you’re living under my roof…” card a few times, but love their kids unconditionally and raise them up the right way.

It’s already an emotional song, but Dillon recently shared video of a performance that seemed to be just a little extra special: On the stage of the Grand Ole Opry with his mom singing backup.

The performance was from his appearance at the Opry last year, just before his latest album (also called Son Of A) was released. And obviously his mom is the sister of John Michael Montgomery and Eddie Montgomery of Montgomery Gentry, so she’s definitely able to hold her own on stage with her son and his powerhouse voice.

I can only imagine what a cool moment this was for Dillon, singing a song about the love his parents had for him on stage at the Grand Ole Opry with his mom by his side. You can see the emotion overcome him as he takes it all in, which is pretty cool to see as a fan too.

And I’ve said it before, but this is just such a damn good song. It’s the kind of song that doesn’t come around too often, one that can be career-defining – and career-making – for an artist with as much talent as Dillon.

Can’t wait to watch this one climb up to the top of the charts where it belongs.

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