Dillon Carmichael Releases Steamy New Single, “If I Wasn’t Your Man”

Alex Berger

That’s some baby-makin’ music right there.

Dillon Carmichael dropped an incredible new record last year with his sophomore album, Son of A. He’s got a sound that’s straight out of the 90s, yet he also manages to effortlessly bridge the gap and fit right in with the new music that’s coming out of Nashville right now from guys like Luke Combs and Jon Pardi.

And today, Dillon’s back with more heat, dropping the steamy new “If I Wasn’t Your Man.”

This one’s a tenderhearted love song that Dillon calls his “pride and joy,” one that has him questioning what his life would be like without the woman he loves – his lovely fiancée Shayla of course.

And it’s a thought he doesn’t even want to think about:

“If I wasn’t your man
These arms would have no one to hold at night
Ain’t got no other plan
Cause no other kiss can set me on fire
I’d rather be calling in sick, feelin’ so good
Making love in the afternoon
Oh girl what would I do
If I wasn’t your man”


I’m getting married to the love of my life in September, so I might just have to add this one to our wedding playlist. Or maybe to the honeymoon playlist…

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A beer bottle on a dock