Dave Chappelle After On Stage Attack: “I Felt Good My Friends Broke His Arm”

DAve Chappelle

Chapelle weighs in…

Early this week, we all saw comedian Dave Chappelle get absolutely leveled by that random guy at his Hollywood Bowl show.

However, Chappelle’s security had his back (as did a number of his fellow comedians), and they beat the asshole so bad that his elbow ended up pointing in the opposite direction.

He has since been identified as 23-year-old wannabe “rapper” Isaiah Lee.

TMZ was able to retain audio of what the comedian said Tuesday night at the after party at the Pendry Hotel in West Hollywood, and needless to say, he was pleased with how his boys responded:

“I felt good my friends broke his arm. I felt good. How bad does a n**** have to be that Jon Stewart would stomp him!”

Immediately after he got tackled, the comedian was heard saying:

“I am going to kill that motherf*cker!”

But then changed his mind, and said:

“Killing that n**** would have been stupid.”

Chappelle then thanked his buddies for putting the attacker away, who now looks like a folded lawn chair.

He was heard saying again:

“Those are very powerful friends and I’m sharing (this night) with people I love very much.”

The culprit has a “song” called “Dave Chappelle,” and even alludes to attacking him in the song.

However, because this is Los Angeles and it’s damn near impossible to commit a crime there, the District Attorney has opted not to pursue felony charges, even though the mad had a knife on him (and a replica gun).

Fellow comedian and friend Joe Rogan weighed in on the ridiculous decision not to prosecute saying it will cause people to lose trust in the justice system:

“When you see that a person commits a clear crime, and does it to one of the most loved performers alive, and does it in a very high profile public setting, and it gets captured on video, and you don’t charge that person for what they obviously did, it’s the kind of thing that makes people lose faith in law enforcement. That’s never good.”


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