Kelsey Waldon Announces 4th Studio Album ‘No Regular Dog,’ Drops Lead Single “Sweet Little Girl”

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If you haven’t heard of Kelsey Waldon, you need to go straight to Spotify, Apple Music, your local Walmart… however you get music these days and listen ASAP.

Keeping that old school sound of traditional country music alive, the Kentucky native just might be the most underrated artist in all of country music.

And she’s back at it again, as she’s gearing up to drop her highly anticipated new album, titled No Regular Dog, on August 12th.

On top of that, she just dropped the lead single for the album today, titled “Sweet Little Girl,” and it’s a certified twanger.

She weighed in on the new release:

“‘Sweet Little Girl’ is in part about me, but perhaps it’s also about you.

It’s about the rage and unrest inside during a process to find healing. It’s simply just about a gal who is trying to find her way back ‘home.’” 

Produced by Shooter Jennings, No Regular Dog is what Waldon describes as a “deep self-reflection,” and is the most personal album she’s put together to date.

Reflecting on the record, Waldon says:

“I hope that these songs are able to live with people and help make the world a little better, because I think that’s a big part of what my job is.

At the end of the day, I’m so thankful for my passion for music because it’s sustained me throughout my whole life, and now I want it to do the same for other people.

And if anyone’s struggling, I hope they can recognize the ‘No Regular Dog’ within themselves, and start to see how much they’re really worth.”

Jennings himself also added:

“Kelsey Waldon is a top shelf artist who feels a deep responsibility to country music, the preservation of its history, and the quality of its future.

I would say country music is in good hands.” 

No Regular Dog is Waldon’s fourth studio album, and a follow up to her 2019 White Noise/White Lines album.

Give “Sweet Little Girl” a listen:


1. No Regular Dog
2. Sweet Little Girl
3. Tall and Mighty
4. You Can’t Ever Tell
5. Season’s Ending
6. History Repeats Itself
7. Backwater Blues
8. Simple as Love
9. Peace Alone (Reap What You Sow)
10. Progress Again
11. The Dog (Outro)

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