Jake Owen Reflects Back On His Blessings With New Single, “1×1”

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Matt Paskert

It’s been a few years since Jake Owen has released a new album, with his Greetings From… Jake album dropping back in 2019.

However, the man has steadily been getting after it over the past couple years, releasing a number of singles, and was even featured on HARDY’s Hixtape Vol. 2. He also has his 34-date headlining Up There Down Here Tour cranking up next week.

With that being said, Owen is back at it again, as he dropped a brand new single today titled “1×1.”

As we know, the 40-year-old can write a feel-good beach tune with the best of them, but can also slow it down and tug on the heart strings with songs like “What We Ain’t Got,” and “Made For You.”

And that’s exactly what we’re getting again with “1×1.”

Written by Luke Laird, Hillary Lindsey, and Josh Miller, “1×1” is all about reminiscing on the good times with your significant other, appreciating how far y’all have come and each blessing along the way:

“One by one, year after year, song by song I’m constantly trying to improve myself and my career. This song, aptly titled ‘1×1,’ is very fitting for where I am in my life right now.

It’s one of the best songs I’ve been a part of recording and something I’m really proud of. One by one, day by day, step by step, I’m working on a better me.” 

The chorus of the song itself also incorporates a unique play on words, utilizing the word “by” in a number of different ways:

“There’s a 5X7 of us up on the wall
And that smile on your face yeah it says it all
There’s a 4X4 sitting out in the drive
Rides a whole lot better with your hand in mine
And this house ain’t just some 2X4’s
It’s you by me on the back porch
Watching the sun, woah oh oh
Holding em tight, taking these days and nights
One by one…”

And he wraps up the chorus with:

“And counting these blessings one by one”

Check it out:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock