Hardy Announces ‘Hixtape Volume 2’ Featuring 33 Different Artists On 14 Songs

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Well, it looks like another Hixtape is already in the works.

Announced today, Hardy took to Instagram to reveal the release of Hixtape Vol. 2, a highly-anticipated follow up to Hardy’s collaborative Hixtape Vol. 1 project.

Featuring artists like Tracy Lawrence and Joe Diffie, Jake Owen, Morgan Wallen, Lauren Alaina, guitar legend Zakk Wylde and a ton more, Volume 1 featured collaborations with a ton of friends in the music world.

But for Volume 2, Hardy is calling in even more help.

“I know a lot of y’all have been asking when Hixtape No. 2 is coming out. Look, Hixtape No. 1 was awesome, 10 songs, 16 of my good friends, I sang every single song.

This time we’re going to do it a little bit different, but it’s gonna be awesome.”

Here’s the plan:

“Get this, 33 artists and bands, 14-songs. Now, I’m only singing on 6-songs but the rest of the songs are awesome and it’s people singing that are some of the most talented and rowdiest people Nashville has to offer.”

But rather than releasing it like a traditional album, Hixtape Vol. 2 going to be more of an all-encompassing project, released song by song every week until the entire project is out:

“We’re gonna drop a song every Friday for 14 weeks, and I’m telling you right now, you ain’t ready for this one. ”

And with 33 different artists on the album, it sounds like just about everybody in Nashville is going to be on it. And while I’m sure we’ll see a number of artist from Volume 1 make the return for Volume 2, we can already count on Dierks Bentley and Matt Stell to be in the mix.

They recently changed their Instagram profile pics to match the animated style of Hardy’s current pic.

Stay tuned…

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