Jim Harbaugh Popped A Big ‘Ol Dip In While He Interviewed For The Kansas Coaching Job In 2009

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It’s hard to believe, but if you rewind 15 years ago, the University of Kansas Jayhawks had a chance at one time to play for a football National Championship.

Now if you know anything about college football, Kansas is strictly a basketball school, and have been bottom feeders in football for basically the program’s entire existence.

However, back in 2007, they were on top of the world behind head coach Mark Mangino, going a whopping 12-1, and finishing the year number seven in the country.

They would’ve played for a National Championship if it weren’t for their lone loss to Missouri in the Big 12 Championship.

However, Mangino was forced to resign only two years later after accusations of player mistreatment, and Kansas had some big shoes to fill.

And one of the coaches who almost took the job?

No other than college football coaching legend, Jim Harbaugh.

An article from The Athletic has surfaced about Harbaugh’s interview for the job back in December of 2009, and needless to say, he did it in epic fashion.

Meeting at a New York City hotel bar, he said:

“Guys, do you mind if I loosen up my tie or take my tie off? I’m not really a shirt-and-tie kind of guy. Can I take my jacket off?”

During the meeting, which included athletic director Lew Perkins, he walked over to the bar and asked if anyone wanted a drink. He then proceeded to empty a can of Coke, and put a big ol’ wad in the lip, using the can as a spitter.

He told everybody in the room:

“I just want to be Jim Harbaugh for you all to see who I am.”

Imagine, Harbaugh is coming off his third brutal season at Stanford, walks into one of his biggest coaching interviews to date, and proceeds to put a massive chaw in his mouth in front of the athletic director of the school.

It’s no secret that Harbaugh is a quirky dude, and has been known for coaching practices at Michigan with his shirt off at times, so I guess he’s probably the least surprising guy to make this kinda move.

However, the man has proven to be a damn good coach, taking the Michigan Wolverines to their first College Football Playoff appearance last year and finally getting over the hump against Ohio State in the Big-10.

It just makes you wonder if he could’ve kept the mojo going with Kansas, if he would’ve gotten the job.

Eh, probably not… 2007 was an anomaly in college football.

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