Wheeler Walker Jr: “I Couldn’t Finish A Sam Hunt Song Without Puking On My D**k”

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When I say there is nobody like Wheeler Walker, Jr. I mean NOBODY. We just had him on the Whiskey Riff Raff podcast for the second time, but my first time chatting with Wheeler was back in 2016.

As we discussed all things music and life on the podcast, this gem of a quote came up from ’16:

“What are your thoughts on Sam Hunt?” I asked anxiously waiting for the hammer to drop.

“I couldn’t get through one Sam Hunt song before puking on my dick it was so bad. I can’t listen to that.”

“I’ve washed my dick since then,” he confirmed a couple weeks ago.

We also talked a little about producer Dave Cobb and Chris Stapleton…

“Dave Cobb is the best. Called him up, and he wanted to do it (debut album Redneck Shit). He made a great record. The guys that played on my album played with Sturgill and Waylon. They’re the best guys in town.”

“I always liked Chris Stapleton. I’m happy for him, but Justin Timberlake ain’t gonna be standing next to me any time soon, I can tell you that. It was a great record, but we should spend less time praising real music like Stapleton and more time yelling at the other f*cks for sucking so much shit.”

“My favorite guy right now (2016) is Sturgill Simpson. He plays big f*cking places, and he’s never played on the radio.”

To close it out, his quote on Chris Janson’s “Buy Me a Boat” it priceless.

“I saw this shit about buying me a boat? What the f*ck is this? I want emotion, not some asshole singing about buying a boat. I’m singing about real shit. Love, life, loss. But the clean stuff about trucks and going swimming gets played.

“I wanna kick all their f*ckin’ asses. Everyone in the music business.”

Fast forward to 2022, WWJr is back, and we have a masterful new album, Sex, Drugs & Country Music.

“Sluts in Heaven”

“She’s a Country Music Fan”

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