Kix Brooks Said There Was No Way He Was Gonna Do The Viral “Neon Moon” TikTok Dance: “The Cowboy Ain’t Doing It”

Brooks and Dunn country music

TikTok, man… get rid of it.

Ok, ok, ok… TikTok can be a pretty awesome tool for aspiring musicians when used properly.

I mean, what other social media platform is built simply on the concept of discovery? Whatever you’re interests are, whether it’s food, music, fitness, or you creeps just like watching Only Fans girls shake their ass, TikTok will serve you up an endless supply of videos for your viewing pleasure.

However, in the music world, I don’t see a lot of young undiscovered country artists trying to get their music to the masses… I see a lot of corny gimmicks designed to feed the algorithm, and get views. And all of the sudden it’s not about music anymore, it’s about being a TikTok star…

That being said, for all of you still keeping it real on there, keep up the good work.

Another cool thing about TikTok is the way that songs can go mega-viral overnight. I mean, we’re all well aware of the kind of success that Walker Hayes’ “Fancy Like” had due to TikTok, but even songs that were massive hits for another generation are getting new life.

We’ve seen this with Keith Whitley’s “Miami, My Amy,” recently, Reba’s “I’m A Survivor,” and of course, Brooks & Dunn’s “Neon Moon.”

Like many of them, “Neon Moon” got its own little dance to go along with it, and when it started picking up steam last year, Ronnie Dunn called up Kix and said they should do the dance themselves.

Only problem… there ain’t no way in HELL Kix Brooks was gonna do that.

He detailed the story on this recent preview of CMT’s Storytellers:

“Ronnie’s all into social media and TikTok, I had looked at TikTok like once before and swiped a couple of things that… I just hope the memory goes away.”

“And he calls from his bus one night and he goes, ‘KB, they’re doing this dance for ‘Neon Moon,’ there’s over three million views on this thing and the label just called and they said if we’ll do this dance, this thing could blow wide open.’ 

That’s awesome Ronnie… I ain’t doing it.”

“You could tell Ronnie wrote this song, millions of hits, so being a good singing partner I go over to Ronnie’s bus and I could tell he was on the verge of tears and I said, ‘Look, I’m not doing the dance… it ain’t gonna happen, the cowboy ain’t doing it.”

Ultimately, Kix did humor Ronnie for a minute… barely….

And it did crush on TikTok.

With nearly 12 million views, it’s the country duo’s biggest TikTok video to date.

That being said…

Atta boy Kix… stay the course.

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