Kip Moore Says His Next Album Is Done & Won’t Be Compromised: “We Do This For You, And You Guys Only”

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At a show at Stage AE in Pittsburgh on Friday night, Kip Moore gave a feisty little update about his forthcoming (unnamed) 5th studio album, telling the crowd he’d just officially finished it two nights prior to the show.

The bad news is, that likely means it will be a late summer release instead of early summer like we’d hoped for, but the good news is that it will be well worth the wait.

In addition to telling fans it was done, he said his label had asked him to tone down certain parts of the sound and bring it back to something more radio-friendly and mainstream:

“My record label said, ‘Kip, we need you to bring this thing back somewhere close to the middle.'”

And of course, Kip being Kip, he didn’t appreciate that sentiment and says he took it even further in the direction he wanted to go… and this is exactly what I love about him as an artist:

“I thought long and hard about it, and I decided to take it even further to the right. We do this for you guys and you guys only.”

How can you not love the hell outta that?

Check it out for yourself:

We already know the album will include a duet with the one and only Ashley McBryde called “One Heartbeat,” and after the incredible job they did on their “Janie Blu” performance last spring, I imagine it’s gonna be pretty damn incredible.

Other than that, he’s been pretty quiet on all the details of what’s to come, but I seriously don’t know how I’m going to wait months longer to hear it all.

Especially knowing that he’s taken full control in making it exactly what he wants it to be from a sonic and creative standpoint, I have a feeling this record is gonna be special.

I mean, that’s nothing out of the norm for him, but it sounds like there might be a little more to it this time around when it comes to his label trying to control certain aspects of the creative process.

Kip most recently released the music video for his fan-favorite song, and current reimagined single, “Crazy One More Time”, that will appear on the new album:

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