Kip Moore Releases Music Video For Revisited Version Of His Current Single, “Crazy One More Time”

Kip Moore just released the music video for his longtime fan favorite, “Crazy One More Time”.

He recently sent the song to country radio as his current single after re-imagining it for his upcoming album that has yet to be revealed.

All we know about said album so far is that it’s (hopefully) coming sometime this summer, and will feature his first official duet, a song called “One Heartbeat” with the great Ashley McBryde.

“Crazy” was included as a deep cut on his 2012 debut album, Up All Night. It was written by Kip with help from Aimee Mayo and Chris Lindsey, and has remained a favorite of his die hard fans ever since that record first came out.

The simple music video for this updated version, which is more along the lines of a live performance video when you watch it, features all of the members of Kip’s band playing their instruments and singing the song, as well as showing a few behind the scenes clips from the recording process in the studio.

After years of talking about the idea of putting this song out as a single, which has really taken on a life of its own, he finally pulled the trigger this year. I, for one, was thrilled with the decision, because it’s one of my all-time favorite songs and I’ve always thought it deserved a real chance to be heard by the masses.

Much like Kip, the video is nothin’ fancy or flashy, and that’s the best part… the simplicity of it all allows you to really appreciate how damn good this song really is:

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