The Masters Have $5 Beers, $1.50 Pimento Cheese Sandwiches, Don’t Allow Cell Phones… And Country Music Venues Need To Take Note

The Masters Beer
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In the words of Jim Nantz and his iconic catchphrase, the Master’s are “a tradition unlike any other.”

And while the talk of the tournament so far has been Tiger Woods’ triumphant return, there’s a lot of other cool stuff going on at the stunning golf course that’s home to the Master’s at Augusta National Golf Club.

Something that the world of other professional sports, like the NFL, and even country concert venues across America, could learn a thing or two from.

Now first off, Augusta National is an extremely prestigious golf club that is nearly impossible to get into except through blood or invitation. That’s it. And the criteria is next level… they didn’t even let women in until 2012, when former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice became one of the first two women invited in.

But, as fancy and highfalutin as it may be, there’s certain things that they just get right.

You’ll often hear people say that they make the best pimento cheese sandwiches, which is a southern delicacy, but not really anything you’d expect to find at such a prestigious outing… which is what makes it so great.

But the best part about it? No, you’re not gonna pay $15 for two pieces of untoasted bread and some souped-up cheddar cheese.

They’re $1.50 each:

Actually, literally every kind of food and beverage there is affordable, with imported beers going for $5, a cup of coffee is also $1.50, and a Georgia peach ice cream sandwich is $2, which sounds incredible on a hot spring day in Georgia.

And the idea behind all of this is that Masters is an event for the people and the experiences, nothing else. They even have a strict no-phone policy on the grounds, and fans can bring in personal cameras or even purchase a disposable camera (remember those?), but they cannot bring in a cell phone (there are several emergency phones placed throughout the course, though).

Can you even imagine going to a concert, buying a $5 beer and not seeing 300 cell phones up in the air obstructing your view at a show, for which you’re actually there to hear the music?

It sounds heavenly… Maybe we could at least convince Georgia native Kip Moore to implement these brilliant policies at his shows, because he hates the cell phone thing as much as I do.

I guess it’s not all as buttoned up as it looks, from the cheap food and beer to Tiger dropping F-bombs on the hot mic for all to hear:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock