Kip Moore Is Helping Fans Be Present, And I For One, F*cking Love It.

There was a moment in my life recently where I was the farthest thing from present.

I was panicking about the future, getting depressed about the past. I never took in a moment to appreciate what I have going for me and all the blessings I had been given.

It’s a dangerous and viscous cycle your mind begins to go on when you live like that and the scariest thing is you’re never truly happy, and you never enjoy a moment as much as you could and should. Take for example a YouTube user who literally uploaded every single Kip Moore performance from a pre-show VIP event.

First of all, when do you EVER re-watch videos on your phone after a show? 99% of the time they look like a pile of smashed dog shit filmed with a toaster oven.

A while back, we posted the hilarious video of Kip taking a fan’s phone. It was all in good fun, but some outlets made a click-bait post about it in a negative way. Not us. Here’s that video.

The other night, as this fan filmed every single Kip song, he asked if she could put the phone away. I don’t think she did, obviously. But it’s a great reminder, and I’m glad someone like Kip is helping us remember to live in the moment. That moment we live in will never happen again, your YouTube video probably won’t matter, and you’ll be much happier taking it in, rather than reliving it.

Life is way too short to experience it fully through your phone. Once you appreciate the present moment, you can truly appreciate life.

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A beer bottle on a dock