New Orleans Man Rigs His Truck With A Flash Bang After Getting Fed Up With Break-Ins

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Car alarms just aren’t doing the trick these days I guess.

A man from the New Orleans suburb of Metairie had his truck broken into seven times over the past couple of months. And he was tired of it.

So he took matters into his own hands.

Surveillance video shows a car pull up beside the truck and a man jump out and smash the driver side window before climbing in to see what he can find.

And what he found was a flash bang that the owner had rigged up in the center console.

Dude probably shit his pants a little after that one.

The owner of the truck, who wished to remain anonymous, said that he was sick of seeing these thieves get away without facing any consequences:

“I don’t want this guy to die for what he did, but I don’t want him to just be able to smash and grab and run away…

He probably didn’t get hurt that bad, but it wasn’t pleasant and it might deter him and his friends and tell other people not to do this too because, without something like this, there is no consequence because they’re not going to get arrested.”

Well it seemed to have worked, because as soon as the flash bang detonates, the thief jumps out of the truck and into the waiting car to get the hell out of there – and maybe get a fresh pair of undies too.

The New Orleans Police Department issued a statement advising against taking matters into your own hands and warning that rigging up explosives in your car could be considered a bomb, which would be illegal:

“While we understand the frustrations our citizens have with crime, rigging an explosive device to detonate inside a vehicle is illegal and a bad idea.

Not only is there a risk of injury to yourself and others, there could be serious legal ramifications for everyone involved.

Please call your District station or Crimestoppers to report illegal activity.”

But the owner of the truck says that city leadership has failed at preventing crime:

“Leadership has failed and more ways than one when it comes to this situation, just crime in the area, like, I reported to the police almost every time and I don’t blame the police for this, they’re understaffed and like there’s too much crime. I really blame the fact that like these, these people get caught, and then they basically get bailed out.

Whoever did this, definitely, had a bad night. He might never do it again because every time he goes in there, this could happen to him.”

And as the video went viral on social media, it seems like most people on social media are on the side of the vehicle’s owner.

Something tells me the owner of this truck isn’t too upset about having to pay to have his window replaced this time.

And the guy breaking into the truck will probably just pass this one by next time he’s looking for another window to smash.

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