What Do We Have To Do To Get Koe And Snoop To Sing “Love” Together At Their 4/20 Show?

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Pretty sure Koe and Snoop are going to literally, and figuratively, burn down Nebraska and at their show on 4/20.

I mean seriously… what a damn pair.

They’re teaming up for a special concert at the Pinnacle Bank Arena in Lincoln next month, after meeting in person for the first time back in July and throwing around the idea (as well as doing a show on 4/19 in South Dakota).

Koe and the crew got the opportunity to check out a Snoop Dogg show in Texas, and the fellas were invited to head backstage to meet him.

And after chatting for a few minutes, it sounded like Snoop was pretty impressed with the kind of number Koe is pulling these days (I mean, nobody puts asses in the seats quite like Koe does), saying:

“We gone have to… you can’t tell me all that shit and I don’t get to see. 10,000+ tickets a night, quit playing with me. So that’s what we gonna do next time, you heard?

We tryin’ to get on stage together man, I’m tryin’ to see if y’all are lying or telling the truth… can we make it happen?”

And they’re making it happen in true Koe and Snoop fashion… on 4/20:

After Koe posted the announcement on his Instagram page, his friend and fellow Texas musician, Parker McCollum, left a brilliant idea for a duet in the comments:

“Get him to sing ‘love’ with you.”

It’s a track that featured Parker from Koe’s 2016 album Noise Complaint, but honestly, I think I’ve maybe heard of them playing it together only a handful of times live.

And what would be a more perfect time for Koe to break this underrated heartbreaker back out than on stage with Snoop? Hell, keep it simple and just give Snoop the lyrics and let him rap Parker’s part. Or let him freestyle the dang thing…

I don’t even care, I just need to hear them sing (or rap) this song together… and if does happen, you’re welcome in advance.

If you’re not familiar with “Love”, do yourself a favor and change that now:

And with gas prices getting more astronomical by the day, thankfully, I’m pretty sure they can both afford to get to the venue…


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