NASCAR Driver Denny Hamlin Says Worlds Needs More Will Smiths And Less Chris Rocks

Denny Hamlin
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Denny Hamlin from the rafters with a take on the Will Smith/Chris Rock slap.

I mean, it was probably the wildest thing I’ve ever witnessed on live TV in my entire life (why I was actually watching the Oscars live… I have no idea), but… nobody has stopped talking about it since.

Everybody and their mother has weighed in, whether it’s fellow actors like Jim Carrey, fellow comedians like Joe Rogan, and now even… NASCAR drivers?

I guess…

Denny Hamlin weighed in on the slap heard around the world and I gotta say, it’s one of the strangest takes I’ve heard yet.


He followed it up saying he liked Chris, he was speaking in general:

I mean, I know what he’s getting at, but is that really the answer?

He’s saying that if more people got smacked for being assholes, less people would act like assholes… and while I tend to agree to an extent, it’s not the simple.

Chris Rock wasn’t just some guy being an asshole, he’s a comedian whose job it is to make people laugh on stage. And at awards shows, all the high profile celebs in the audience should expect to get roasted… Oscars, CMA Awards, Golden Globes (remember when Ricky Gervais went scorched Earth on them?), doesn’t matter what awards show it is.

Granted, Chris Rock’s joke was kind of dumb, not very funny, and he didn’t know she had alopecia, but by the way Will laughed at first, something tells me this is more about Will and Jada than it is about the joke.

We’ve all met the guy who is a complete asshole, was never disciplined as a child, and you say to yourself, “I bet nobody every kicked his ass.” You know who I’m talking about… the jagoffs that scream “my dad’s a lawyer” after the bouncer throws them out for grabbing a girl’s ass at the bar.

Is 57-year-old professional comedian and actor Chris Rock making jokes at the Oscars THAT guy? The spoiled brat who needs to get taught a lesson?

No… he’s not.

And while I like Denny Hamlin a lot (he’s my wife’s #1 driver in the Cup Series), I think he might want to pay a little more attention to the track sitting down there in 22nd place.

A number of other race fans weren’t feeling his ice cold take either:

And if you wanna watch the slap for the 10,384th time today, be my guest…

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