South Park Creators Matt Stone And Trey Parker Recall The Time They Tripped Balls At The Oscars

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There’s one thing for certain about big time award ceremonies, ya truly never know what wild shit you may see.

I mean seriously, with the broad variety of obscure personalities you have in Hollywood, you could see a celebrity come walking up the red carpet dressed in news paper clippings, and they’d be praised for “starting a new trend in fashion.”

With that being said, let’s spin it all the way back to the Oscars in 2000, where South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker decided to give the ultimate middle finger to the ceremony.

The two recalled the wild time where they took a couple of sugar cubes of LSD before the 2000 ceremony in an interview with Comedy Central, and needless to say, these guys were trippin’ balls on the red carpet.

They decided to pull of one of the most hilarious stunts in Oscars history, by dressing up in straight dresses and wigs, and even shaving their legs so they looked like straight up women.

And the two made a deal… whenever they were asked about their dresses, they had to change the subject and say something like, “Oh it’s such a magical night tonight.”

Could you imagine being zooted off your ass on LSD, stepping out of the limo, and seeing tons of cameras and people all staring and pointing towards you?

I mean my God, I’d go straight to the bathroom and curl up in a ball.

Not to mention, they were in straight up dresses. The paranoia would’ve been through the roof.

Of course, they unfortunately began coming down in the middle of the ceremony, and if there’s one thing about LSD, it has the worst come down experience out of any drug possible.

Imagine coming down in the middle of the most boring awards ceremony on this planet…

Pure misery.

If you wanna see how the two were feeling after the show, just wait ’til the end:

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