49 Winchester Makes Music Video Debut With “Russell County Line”

49 Winchester is one of the hottest bands in country music right now.

They have steadily gained momentum and growing their fanbase with the releases of each of their first three albums over the years, and now are nearing the release of their most anticipated record yet, Fortune Favors the Bold.

If you have caught any of their concerts over the past couple of months, you have surely heard some of the unreleased tunes they have been working on for their album.

If not, you have at least heard the two spectacular singles released thus far, “Annabel” and “Russell County Line.” Either way, it is no secret that we are in for a treat when 49 Winchester drops their new album on May 13th.

These road warriors have earned their stripes the old fashioned way, touring and playing shows whenever and wherever they can. And it has paid off.

Not only have they played headlining gigs all across the country over the last year or so, but they have earned a big time spot on Whiskey Myers’ upcoming tour and have found themselves on tons of festival lineups as well. In fact, they just played multiple shows as a part of Austin’s SXSW festival this past week.

The Russel County, Virginia natives head a little closer to home with a show in Kentucky this weekend, but it’s this road warrior mentality that makes “Russell County Line” one of their most authentic songs yet.

And to hold fans over until more music comes out, they just released a music video for it… check it out.

Filmed in Castlewood, Virginia, the small town where multiple (if not all) of the band members are originally from, 49 Winchester’s “Russell County Line” song and music video shine light on an aspect of the music industry that most fans don’t think much about.

These artists tour constantly to grow their brand and give fans these incredible live experiences, but no matter how much they love doing it, it can be hard being away from home, family, and friends.

In an Instagram post announcing the new music video the caption reads:

“Our first music video ‘Russell County Line’ is an ode to home & the beauty of Southwest Virginia. There’s nothing we love more than bringing our songs to cities across the country, but there is no place like home.”

Written by frontman Isaac Gibson, “Russell County Line” is an authentic combination of heartfelt lyricism, soulful vocals, and a love for home that can resonate with any country music fan. And this music video is the perfect visualization of all these things coming together.

May 13th can not come soon enough. Mark your calendars, because “Fortune Favors the Bold” is poised to be one of the best albums of 2022.

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