Colorado Man Catches 25-Pound Brown Trout Fishing In A Snowstorm In Arkansas

A person holding a fish

You love to see it.. big ol’ fish getting hooked, caught and just living.

It’s what keeps us all running to whatever water we can find, the big dirties. Every single year, I have hope that I will get a catch like never before.

And then you seeing happen and you think that one day I could be the guy to  finally catch a monster like this.

Game & Fish says that Eric Underhill had one of these days and it wasn’t even planned.

Typical fishing, the best moments come completely unexpected.

This one came after the split decision for Underhill to go from Colorado to Arkansas… during a snowstorm. Underhill was fishing with a guiding service, Cranor’s Guide Service, and some of his buddies.

“We fished for the first four hours and landed maybe 10 fish, the kind of brown trout in the three- to four-pound class. Those are great fish and it was an amazing morning of fishing”

He had no clue what was coming next, that is why this is awesome.

The guides came over and gave them some new bait to try, and it turned out to be the best move of the day.

“We get to this spot, and no lie, I said ‘Craig, what’s your personal best on this river?’

I think he said his best was something like 19 pounds, 4 ounces and his client’s best was something like 18-1.”

It’s all best told be Underhill himself.

“This thing takes off and goes on a run like I’ve never experienced in Colorado. About the only place I’ve had anything similar was in Alaska where king salmon and cohos were running upriver fresh out of the ocean

It seemed like the fight lasted something like 15 minutes to me, but I finally started to gain some ground on it.

It’s getting closer and it’s on the right side of the boat as I recall, and we’re starting to see some color. As it turned sideways, we can finally see it and Craig was like, ‘Oh man! This is a monster!’”

They ended up landing the behemoth that was 25.8 pounds and 34.5 inches long, with 26 inches of girth. That’s just absolutely massive. Especially for 10 pound line.

Another location to put on the bucket list of fishing destinations.

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