Back In 2010, Dierks Bentley Called Chris Stapleton “The Best Singer In The World”

Prior to 2015, Chris Stapleton was the best kept secret in music, except it wasn’t a secret to anyone actually in music.

I was listening to Dierks Bentley’s surprise bluegrass EP Live From Telluride, and thinking about the more recent news that he has a new album on the way (was hoping it would be bluegrass), I dove back into Up On The Ridge, Dierks’ bluegrass project from back in 2010.

Lo and behold, I stumble upon this hidden gem from back in the studio and you can hear Dierks say:

“Chris is probably the best singer in the world”

Chris of course was laying down some soul-tingling background vocals on a track called, “Fallin’ For You.”

So my question is this…

If Chris was writing all these songs back then, songs for huge acts like Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney, Josh Turner, and Darius Rucker. And if way back in 2010, Dierks was calling him the best singer in the business… then why the hell did it take a Justin Timberlake duet in 2015, at some stupid awards show, for this dude to get on the map?

I mean, what was everybody waiting for? Let me guess… he didn’t “look the part?”

Now, here we are some twelve years later, and EVERYBODY knows it… Chris is a full-blown superstar.

And still… the best singer in the world.

Hear Dierks and Chris sing “Fallin’ For You.”

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