Reports That Sam Hunt’s Wife Took Back Her Divorce Complaint Appear To Be Untrue

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Not so fast…

Monday morning, the news broke that Sam Hunt’s wife Hannah Lee Fowler had filed for divorce after five years of marriage, citing infidelity as the reason.

The complaint stated that Sam is “guilty of inappropriate marital conduct,” as well as “guilty of adultery” and while it has not been previously announced, also says that she is pregnant and expecting their first child together in May.

She also asked for alimony, primary custody of their unborn child, and child support as well. The document also notes that they “separated at the time of filing” which was this past Friday.

But yesterday, many other sites began reporting that Hunt’s wife had withdrawn her divorce complaint and the couple actually weren’t getting a divorce.

Well Whiskey Riff did some investigation, and that appears to be untrue.

Fowler had initially filed her complaint for divorce in circuit court in Davidson County, which includes Nashville, despite stating that the grounds for divorce arose while the couple lived in neighboring Williamson County.

A short time after filing the complaint in Davidson County, Fowler filed to dismiss the case with a motion asking that the case be “voluntarily nonsuited without prejudice.”

But on the same day as both of the filings in Davidson County, a divorce complaint was also filed by Fowler in the Chancery Court of Williamson County, which still appears to be active.


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The complaint filed in Davidson County, obtained by Whiskey Riff, even says “In the Chancery Court for Williamson County.”

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So it appears that the complaint that was filed in Nashville was simply filed in the wrong court, withdrawn, and then re-filed in the correct court.

Sorry Sam Hunt fans (and the other country sites who didn’t do their research). Looks like the couple is still getting divorced after all.

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