New Hampshire Fisherman Catches State Record Cusk Fish

A man holding a large fish
NH Fish & Game

Everyone dreams of catching the big one. The real big one is always beating the record that exists in your area for your favorite species.

It is always great to see that these record fish are still out there. It gives fisherman hope that one day they could be lucky enough to reel in such a monster to have a story that tops all for the rest of their lives.

Fox News says that Ryan Scott Ashley of New Hampshire experienced such an event, catching a Cusk that was 35-inches long and 12 pounds on the scale.

Cusk are a pretty cool fish. Almost a mix between a catfish and an eel in terms of looks. They look a little strange but are a desirable fish for the dinner plate. Referred to as the poor man’s lobster.

A weird fish to catch as well, their breeding occurs during the winter making it prime to catch during ice fishing season.

Ashley was contacted for the story and added more to an already great tale.

The location he caught the record breaker he refers to as “paradise’s spot”. A friend of his grandfathers who showed him the in and outs of the outdoor life, taking him hunting, trapping and fishing after his grandfather passed away.

“I never got the hunting fish with my grandfather much because he died when I was young.

Paul Paradise introduced me to the sport and took me as a kid hunting, trapping and fishing. He was one of the number one trappers in the state of New Hampshire.”

Nothing beats a sentimental moment when fishing or hunting. Catching a fish like this in a spot that means a lot to you makes it that much better. It adds to the great memories already made there and creates the urge to continue to do so for a long time.

Although Cusk are a great eating fish that every fish lover would chase after if they ever tried it, Ashley has other plans for this catch.

“I’m having Scott Moore from Scott’s taxidermy mount it and I’m donating the fish to New Hampshire fishing game biologists”

What a great story all around! A record breaker to bring hope to all fisherman, a great sentimental story and a morally sound decision for what to do with this spectacular catch.

Congrats to Ryan, good catch bud.

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