Miranda Lambert’s Criminally Underrated “What About Georgia” Is A Country Diss Track

Miranda Lambert country music

Miranda Lambert has seen an astounding amount of success over the past couple of decades.

The small town girl from Longview, Texas, quickly became the standard in modern day mainstream country music, racking up three Grammys, 29 ACM Awards, six AMA Awards, seven CMT Music Awards, and 14 CMA Awards.

Needless to say, she’s made a name for herself as one of the greatest female country artists to walk this planet.

However, the success may have never came to fruition if it weren’t for her OG 2005 album, Kerosene.

Of course, everybody knows the album from the title-track, as it was the only major hit from the record, officially putting Lambert on the map.

I mean, who can blame em’?

It’s a kickass song, and you can almost feel the chip on her shoulder (Not to mention she was only 22 at the time) when she’s singing about giving up on love and burnin’ sh*t down after getting her heartbroken for the last time.

However, what many people don’t realize is that the album as a whole is so damn good.

And one of the most criminally underrated songs on the project?

“What About Georgia”

With that being said, what if I told you the song is a diss track?

Before Lambert became a big star, she competed and finished third on the old TV competition, Nashville Star.

While on the show, she had a fling with fellow show competitor Travis Howard, who she collaborated with on many songs.

However, he wrote a song called “Train Wreck,” pretty much torching Miranda. She gave the run down on the song, and how “What About Georgia?” came about according to Meet In Montauk:

“That’s about (fellow ‘Nashville Star’ contestant) Travis Howard. Travis wrote a ‘dating’ song about me. It was called ‘Train Wreck.’ It says, ‘you’re just a train wreck and I’m a penny on the tracks.’

He sent it to me from L.A. That was like a shock to my heart. I thought, ‘OK. All right.’ I was so angry about him writing a song like that about me, I thought, ‘You know what? He’s the one who left home and forgot about everyone. What about that?’

My mom and I were on the way to Houston. On the way, I got out my guitar and wrote ‘What About Georgia’ in, like, an hour. That’s my favorite of all my songs.”

Needless to say, she absolutely obliterated Howard in the song…

I’d say she got the last laugh in this one:

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