Colby Acuff Drops Live Acoustic Performance Of New Single, “Once In A Lifetime”

Colby Acuff.

If you don’t know the name by now, it’s time to get it together.

We’re talking about an independent country artist who is keeping that pure country sound alive, with deep cutting lyrics about personal hardships that bring a sense of relatability to everybody.

With that being said, the Idaho native dropped a killer single last week, titled “Once in a Lifetime,” a certified twanger about life on the road as a country singer, inspired by one of his heroes Waylon Jennings.

Acuff went in-depth behind the meaning of song:

“I’ve always tried to write songs with some of my country music heroes in mind.

My entire life I’ve loved Waylon Jennings and he had been a huge inspiration in how we do things as well as our music. ‘Once In A Lifetime’ though was written with Waylon in mind.

The song itself is about life on the road being an independent country artist highlighting how hard yet fun life can be.”

He also admits the song was inspired by a dream:

“It’s also inspired by a dream I had where I woke up to find Waylon, Hank Williams, George Jones, And Merle all surrounding my bed. I was screaming at them for advice but none was given.

Eventually, they turned and walked away but not before Waylon said ‘hoss we all had to do it that way’ which is described in the third verse.

Overall this song means a ton to me and I think this sound deserves a lot more room in the country music genre. The outlaws were honky tonk legends, and I’m here to make sure that legends are not forgotten.”

Truer words have never been spoken.

Country music needs more guys like Acuff, singing about real life struggles, emotions, and everything in-between.

With that being said, the man dropped an acoustic live session video with him and his band playing “Once in a Lifetime.”

Check it out, you won’t regret it:

The man also recently joined the Whiskey Riff Raff podcast:

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