Yellowstone Season 5 Will Help “Launch Several New Shows” And Fans Are NOT Happy

Rip Wheeler Yellowstone

Well, I can’t say I didn’t see this coming.

It’s no secret that Taylor Sheridan is the hottest thing in television, with his Yellowstone universe carrying the team. Between Yellowstone, 1883, the upcoming 1932 prequel and the Four Sixes spinoff that’s in the works, Taylor Sheridan is cementing his legacy as one of the premiere television creators of our time.

Yellowstone Season 5 already has the green light, with filming to begin in May, and should see a premiere date somewhere in the fall.

But… it was announced that Season 5 would be split into two parts, expanded into 7 episodes each, and… here’s the kicker… the season would be used to ” launch several new streaming shows from Taylor Sheridan.”

Used to launch several new shows? Shocker… some fans don’t like that.

One of the most popular complaints about Season 4 was that Jimmy dominated to storyline to set the table for the upcoming Four Sixes spinoff series.

Another was that the show literally featured a flashback to promote the 1883 prequel series.

And with the news of Taylor Sheridan working on nearly 10 shows in some compacity, and who knows what else is in the works, Yellowstone fans are already worried that he spread himself too thin with Season 4… and now Season 5, they’re explicitly saying they’ll gonna use it to launch new shows?

Well, they’re not happy…

And they sounded off in the Yellowstone Subreddit:

“What great news, like no. Why can’t they let Yellowstone be Yellowstone. I absolutely hate that they are using it to boost other series.”

“What’s the rush? I feel like TS should look to Vince Gilligan (Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, El Camino) as to how to build a ‘Universe’.”

“Don’t do this. Not again.

“So basically s5 is going to be one MASSIVE advertisement for all of the other half baked unneeded unwanted nothing more than a money grab shows TS wants to shit out.”

“Sounds like a whole lotta nope from me. Ugh.”

“Don’t even think I’m going to watch s5 at this point.”

“Yellowstone was great. Why keep trying to flog it . It’s over move on and stop trying to reinvent it.”

“Yellowstone following the path of Walking Dead. Milking every dollar from the show and dragging us viewers along until we eventually give up.”

“Welp….sounds like another one of my favorite shows bites the dust. It’s not even YS anymore at this point, it’s a launching pad.”

“I might be dropping all his stuff. 1883 was meh then great then meh again, Yellowstone is crashing and burning with all the bloat of series that are connected but the scenes don’t actually add anything to the show, and now a bunch more.”

I mean, 14 episodes is better than 10, right?

I’ll admit that I share some of the same concerns, but there may be some COVID-related reasons for some of the “disjointedness” of Season 4. Hopefully, they can get everybody on set at the same time this year…

Only time will tell, but with so much Taylor Sheridan content coming our way, I’ll stay optimistic for the time being. I mean hell, Mayor Of Kingstown is pretty good, right?

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