Wisconsin Hunter Shoots Buck Of A Lifetime… Out Of Season

Conservation officer buck
Wisconsin DNR

Finally, after years of admiring a big buck through a trail camera, he shows himself and gives the perfect opportunity for a shot.

But, it isn’t legal season for an antlered deer.

That was the case for Scott Schutta, of Shell Lake, Wisconsin, according to Deer and Deer Hunting.

The Wisconsin hunter came across a 20 point monster. But, it wasn’t legal season. Seeing a deer that big is unbelievable, but that doesn’t mean the rules and regulations go out the window.

Schutta shot the massive buck with his cross-bow.

The hunt in Wisconsin consists of an antlered season from Sept. 18 to Jan. 9. There are two periods during that time that are antlerless deer only, Dec. 9 to 12 and Dec. 24 to Jan. 1.

Yes, those 2 times fall right in the antlered season, I can understand the frustrations of seeing the deer during those periods after so long chasing it.

But Schutta did more then shoot it out of season. He also tried to fake the registration to a date prior to the antlerless season. It was also discovered he shot it over bait, which is also illegal in the county he was hunting due to chronic wasting disease.

The real kicker is that it is his fault he got caught in the end of it all… imagine that.

Schutta sent pictures of the buck to his buddies. Naturally, with a buck that size, the picture spread more. Word got out about it and an investigation took place.

If you’re going to do something illegal, why would you send it around? Especially if it is something that everyone can’t help but show. In the end, Schutta received 3 citations and $1,100 in fines. Probably not worth it.

The buck was obviously seized and WQOW reports that DNR wardens plan to use it for their “wall of shame” when educating the public.

That’s an extra kick in the shin. I like it.

If there’s one thing we should do as hunters, is respect the rules put in place. They are there for a reason.

Regardless of the opportunity presented to you in the woods, be careful. There’s no sense in getting caught up with the law when you are just trying to enjoy yourself and have some fun.

A person sitting on a tree stump with a deer in the woods
Wisconsin DNR
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