Kaitlin Butts Announces New Single, “Blood,” Co-Written With Angaleena Presley

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Fernando Garcia

Angaleena Presley and Kaitlin Butts already sound like a hell of a pair.

And tomorrow, we’ll get to hear what the force of a duo has come up with when Kaitlin releases her newest single, “blood”:

Announced today, Kaitlin gave a little bit of background on the song and how it came to be. Of course, her co-writer Angaleena is best known for being one third of the superstar trio The Pistol Annies with Ashley Monroe and Miranda Lambert, but she’s also a great writer and artist in her own right.

Kaitlin actually met Angaleena on her first songwriting trip to Nashville, nervous about whether she could even do it, especially considering it was also her first time co-writing with anyone.

She said it took no time for them to become fast friends, and they were able to get right down to it with ease:

“I went to her house and she made me feel right at home. We cut right to the nitty-gritty & and started talking about our family dynamics and what was going on in my life at the time, which was my parent’s divorce.”

She continued with a little bit more about her feelings and how exactly they formulated this idea into a song:

Even though she revisited a lot of pain in writing this song, she was able to heal in some way and, I’m sure, will help plenty of other people who have been or are going through a similar situation because of her honesty:

“I left @guitarleena’s house that day feeling so proud of what we had made. I felt cleansed of a lot of bottled up trauma that I needed to get out of me somehow.

It made me wanna keep writing about the truth about life, no matter how tough, sensitive, or personal it is.”

Out of all the heartbreak country songs that exist out there (and there’s a lot ’em), when it comes to divorce, it seems like artists tend to stray away from that subject for whatever reason.

So, with these two badass ladies teaming up and speaking straight from the heart, consider me extremely intrigued.

Kaitlin most recently released the fan-favorite song “Marfa Lights” back in October:

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